Sunnybrook Tree Service is named after a creek in the middle of Tyler, Texas. It seeps out of the woods, trickles through our neighborhood, joins West Mud Creek, and then Mud Creek, and eventually the Angelina River.  The Angelina River joins the Neches River, and the Neches River joins the Sabine River at Sabine Lake.  Sabine Lake joins the Gulf of Mexico, and the Gulf of Mexico is the Ocean.

Sunnybrook Tree Service was formed to help you and others in our community take care of your trees! My name is Ryan Banek, and I am a certified arborist living in Tyler on Sunnybrook Drive. I grew up here in Tyler at Good Shepherd Church and School, which is next door to my house, and have spent as much time I could in my life trying to get outside into nature. Fishing, bike-riding, canoeing, hunting, and now...tree-climbing, tree care, and environmental stewardship! This is the good life for me in East Texas. 

This is our goal at Sunnybrook Tree Service.  We want you to enjoy the trees, flowers, and other plants and animals on your property. We do not want you to be afraid of them, or to view them as potential problems.  Our first priority is to make sure that your trees are safe.  We will inspect your trees and give you an informed opinion on what definitely needs to be addressed so that you are not in danger from your trees.  There might be little or nothing needing to be done, and if so we will tell you! There might be large dead wood or diseased branches over your house that could not be seen from the ground. Or at the worst we might tell you that the time has come for the old tree to go, because sometimes this is our obligation. Whatever the case, you can be sure that we will give you the truth about your trees to the best of our ability and judgement.

Professional Arborist and Tree Service for Tyler and Smith County

Tyler, South Tyler, Gresham, Flint, Bullard, Noonday, Lake Palestine, Chandler, Lindale, Hideaway, Whitehouse, Lake Tyler, Chapel Hill, Winona